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why going on a retreat or taking a vacation won't cure your burnout....

Updated: Jan 19

By Kai Simmonds

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In order to change your life or fix your problems it's going to take more than a week long trip...

Let me first start by saying I have nothing against retreats or taking a trip, in fact I have definitely booked a few retreats and trips and they were amazing! And we all deserve a little me time and self care!

the problem with "transformational" retreats

Here's the big truth bomb you probably don't want to hear, but you can't unpack/undo 20 or 30+ years of unhealthy living and trauma in just a few weeks by just taking a "break" from life.

Yes, travelling and retreats are amazing! Trust me, I have been on many and will continue to join several in the future. The activities, events, location, food, and people are always incredible and I always walk away learning a lot.