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why going on a retreat or taking a vacation won't cure your burnout....

Updated: Jan 19

By Kai Simmonds

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In order to change your life or fix your problems it's going to take more than a week long trip...

Let me first start by saying I have nothing against retreats or taking a trip, in fact I have definitely booked a few retreats and trips and they were amazing! And we all deserve a little me time and self care!

the problem with "transformational" retreats

Here's the big truth bomb you probably don't want to hear, but you can't unpack/undo 20 or 30+ years of unhealthy living and trauma in just a few weeks by just taking a "break" from life.

Yes, travelling and retreats are amazing! Trust me, I have been on many and will continue to join several in the future. The activities, events, location, food, and people are always incredible and I always walk away learning a lot.

In those few days or weeks, you get to disconnect and focus on you. You learn, you grow, you change. You feel restored and its amazing!

....But what happens when you come back?

All those amazing people you met are no longer in your life, those fresh healthy meals don't just appear on your plate, those incredible teachers and facilitators are not just a few steps away.

You've got to deal with the morning traffic, the unpleasant weather, the usual triggers..

You're back in your world. So what now?

the after-effect

A recent study published by the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine reported that the results of a week long wellness retreat lasts 6 weeks.

So what happens after 6 weeks? Do you book another retreat? Go on another holiday?

Well sure why not?! I mean if you have the time and resources to do so go for it. Book yourself a wellness retreat or trip every 6 weeks.

Personally, I can't travel every 6 weeks- for so many reasons. I'm a homebody and although I love traveling after some time I miss my bed, my husband, my cats, my neighbourhood.

And here's the reality most of us have families, responsibilities, friends, commitments, a home, and relationships - and that's life!

There's nothing wrong with having any of these things- in fact I think these are some of the most beautiful parts of life :)

so what's the solution?

Hate to break it to you but there's no magic pill, no plant medicine, no quick fix or magic wand when it comes to transformation.

Going on a retreat can definitely help you and improve your health and wellbeing for a period of time but it's up to you to keep the results up and putting in the work to consistently apply everything you have learned and gained from those retreats.

As a Wellbeing Coach, and as someone who has gone through several transformations and evolutions themselves from stressed, anxious, burnt out and unhappy to balanced and living my dream life >>> I can tell you it took WORK!

It took time. It took time to undo the bad behaviors and create new ones.

It took therapy, it took facing uncomfortable truths, it took facing my inner demons

Most importantly, it took help! I know that all the coaches, experts, mentors, therapists and treatments I invested helped me- and its not some thing I or anyone can do alone.

I was very fragile and lost in the beginning I needed guidance, and then I needed accountability and then it all came together.

Daily small but impactful practices and over time those small things became big things and one day I looked in the mirror and fell in love with the woman I became.

The solution, the medicine, the cure to whatever you want to overcome is consistency, it's accountability, its the support I invested in and the hard work inner work I did- that might be the truth bomb you didn't want to hear.

But that's the truth.

I'm not here to please you but help you and support you! I've been there and I can assure you it's all worth it in the end- and along the way there are magical moments, there is joy, there is FUN!

So if you're looking for guidance or support, if you don't know where to start, or if you want someone who's been there to help you get through it and hold you accountable - I'm here for you.

And yes, we can still go on a retreat for some fun and relaxation :)

- Me on a retreat in Bali lol

Wishing you lots of Aloha,


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