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It's time to Unleash

Your Soul Purpose, by removing and letting go of your limiting beliefs, self doubts and deconditioning and programming of how you're supposed to "live your life."

They were wrong. 

Your soul knows.

I spent years trying to understand what was wrong with me and lived in a constant state of stress, anxiety and burnout due to my own limiting beliefs and fears. 

When I started doing the inner work, I unleashed my Soul Purpose, the single most greatest power within you.


It's time to unleash your Soul Purpose and start living the life you knew you were meant for.


The  soul METHOD

  • S: Self inquiry & self Discovery:We start by scripting out what you want and learning more about who you are through self discovery using the soul purpose journaling & human design

  • o: Overcoming limiting beliefs: Mindset Work Blast through your limiting beliefs and fears and learning tools and practices to overcome them.

  • u: Understanding who you are and practices can help you master your energy, how to manifest what you want, learn about how to balance your masculine and feminine, and build a Self Love and Mindfulness practice that works for you   

  • l: living your soul purpose Step into your Dharma and integrate it into your life by taking aligned action and creating practices that help you have longterm success

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More than just a Life Coach!

Why Work with Kai

I get your struggle! I've been there... I was anxious, burnt out feeling stuck and confused- and I want you to know it doesn't have to be that way!


I have studied various schools of Spirituality from Yoga, Sound Healing, Reiki to Soul Purpose and have been trained in the Dharma Coaching Methodology which is accredited by ICF.

Not only do I combine the knowledge of my studies but I've learned from my 3 Master Coaches - Sahara Rose, Ajit Nawalkha, and Neeta Bhushan - who have over 30 years of coaching- and they've taught me all their secrets!   


I'm ready to work with you!

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Ready to unleash your soul purpose?

IT's time to shift from

  • Lacking direction ➡️ Clear on your soul purpose 

  • Unfulfilled and feeling like something’s missing ➡️ Wildly fulfilled and filled up by life 

  • Self-doubt and a mean inner critic ➡️ A sense of true confidence and self-love 

  • Bored by life ➡️ Lit up by life 

  • Living in greyscale ➡️ Living in Full Color and Sparkles

  • Anxiety and fear running the show ➡️ Freedom and FULL EXPANSION

  • Feeling like your hiding/ wearing a mask ➡️ Fully liberated and OPEN

  • Feeling fed up and hopeless ➡️ motivated, inspired and energized  

  • Chasing and keeping up ➡️ Slowing down and living on your own terms  

  • Surviving/getting by in life ➡️ being obsessed with how much you love your life

Don't just take my word for it

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