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3 truths about healing & self love i wish i knew earlier

A look into what it takes to really practice #selflove and find your #soulpurpose.

the healing journey

It seems everyone these days is on a Healing Journey, an Awakening, a transformation, a road to recovery- whatever you want to call it, and I'm so here for it!

I'm so here for us all the wake the F*ck up and decide we want better for ourselves- whether its physically, mentally, spiritually or financially.

Deciding that you want better, is already a big step so go on give yourself a high five or pat on the back

Go On with your healing, self improvement, self development journey! I am so cheering you on!

But while there's so much information out there, there's also so much MISinformation which I am so NOT about. I'm here to give you the real truths, the ones that are going to help you make long lasting shifts, the ones that are going to hit you so hard you will feel it in your soul (in a good way)

Truth 1:you can't just google your way to a better place

If this is you, well I get it. This was me too! When I first started having panic attacks, health issues, and just hating myself I went to the doctors and they all said it was stress.

I was relieved but then confused, because their advice was to stress less. What? How? Me?

This was so confusing and so overwhelming so I went to Dr. Google.

"How to Manage Stress Better, How to Overcome Burnout, How to Stop having panic attacks, How to cure gut issues, How to love myself..."

The list went on. None of it worked.

Because there is no "copy + paste" or "one size fits all" solution you can just apply to your life, seriously I tried it all.

Also if it were that easy and we could google all the answers than I'm pretty sure we'd have a lot less burned out, anxious people.

The game changed for me when I actually took time to invest in my health and got 1:1 support. I found a therapist and a coach who could help me understand what was really going on and gave me a space to be understood, heard and gave me guidance and support.

A lot of people skimp on this but I can tell you of all the thousands of dollars I have spent on my coaches and therapists it was worth x10 of what they charged.

Think about it.

How much would you pay for peace of mind and no health issues?

Stop wasting your time on the FREE sh*t, it might be FREE when it comes to money but it is WASTING your time, and the longer you wait, the worse it gets.

If you're looking for some 1:1 Support, I'm here :)

Truth 2: its going to get lonely

As you get further into this journey, on this path, you will grow and evolve. You transform.

And just like when you're a kid and you grow taller, you outgrow your clothes. But in this journey you'll find you start to outgrow people and even things you used to enjoy.

I'm telling you right now, its okay.

It's part of it, yes you will lose some people. But the right ones will stay, the right ones might even also grow.

For a while though, you're going to resist this you're going to fight this (or at least I did). I didn't want to lose my friends, especially since I live in another country, but it happenned.

I started saying No more, got less invitations, and well lost them all.

But here's the good thing, the universe loves to fill empty spaces. So just as quickly as I lost my old friends, I got new ones.

This time, 1 felt 100 because these friends, these people, they just got me :)

And then I started to build my little tribe, you can join us here.

Truth 3: It's not about learning, its about unlearning

Read that one again. It's not about learning, it's about unlearning.

I thought that if I just learned "X", I could heal myself, or if I just knew how to do "Y" I could figure it out.

I signed up for a 100+ courses. I am the QUEEN of Unfinished Courses, and Certifications!

Don't worry, I did finish a few ;)

It wasn't about learning this new thing, or that new trend that was the problem.

Learning is easy, you can learn something from a book, a podcast, but until you apply it, practice it, and embody it >>> nothing's going to change.

The reason you keep reading self help books and nothing is sticking is because you have too many limiting beliefs, bad habits or a negative mindset that you need to UNLEARN before you can LEARN something NEW and APPLY it.

I already know what you're thinking, How do I unlearn it all?

Here's the hard truth, you get help. I know absolutely no one who was able to unlearn all the years of limiting beliefs, unprocessed emotions on their own.

In fact, I had the hardest time doing this, and I am still doing this - with help from other coaches, cause it's hard AF!

When you Unlearn, de-program, de-condition all those negative mindset/thoughts or limiting beliefs anytime you learn something new it just sticks so much faster and easier!

So if you're ready to unlearn all the negative self talk, perfectionism, people pleasing and unprocessed emotions you know who has your back???

yes, this is exactly what i do.

just hit that "reply" button.

Wishing you lots of aloha,


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