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Unleash your Soul Purpose

It's time...
  • To Stop Playing small and living a life that doesn't light you up
  • To stop people pleasing and trying to make yourself fit in a box, label that is too small
  • To allow all parts of you to shine 
  • To stop hiding who you are and start expressing yourself
  • To wake the f*ck up and let people know you are here
  • To make some noise and let yourself be seen
  • To live the life you knew you were meant to
It's time to unleash your Soul Purpose



your soul is calling....

 I wasn't always like this...

I used external things to define my worth and this led to several health issues, panic attacks, depression and hating the person who I was. I went through a lot of mistakes trying to figure out who I was, and realized that the answers I needed were within me.


My Soul Purpose journey started with figuring out who I am, learning to love and trust myself and finally to stepping fully into my soul's purpose and living a life more magical than I could have ever imagined- and this is what I want for you!

I want you to wake up everyday feeling excited and energized knowing who you are and your unique skills and gifts aka your SUPERPOWERS that you were meant to share with the world.


I want you to feel so full of love and joy that when life throws you some curveballs you laugh and say okay universe I can handle this! I want you to feel love and supported not just by me but by a community of empowered women.

So are you ready for this? Cause you will go through some sh*t, you will feel all the feels, you will face the dark and light of who you are, and you will do a lot of deep, hard work. But you won't be alone, you will will have me and I'll make sure we have some FUN along the way!


And Beautiful Soul, once you find your Soul Purpose you are awakened and empowered there's no turning back!


A girl from a small island with BIG dreams...

Born and raised in Hawaii, I left at 18 to study in New York, spending a few years travelling around the world trying to find a place to call home, I finally landed in Dubai. 


 I came to the UAE  alone with my cat to be an English Teacher in the desert of Abu Dhabi and thought I would leave after 2 years.

The Universe had other plans for me, BIGGER and BETTER plans.

My anxiety and stress led to health issues, which led me to Yoga, and that's where it began.

A journey into the soul, an awakening and let me tell you it wasn't all rainbows and daisies- it was hard! But it led me to the woman I am today- and I'm so happy to be her!


And although I am grateful for the lessons, I wish I had someone there to support me to reassure to tell  me I wasn't going crazy- and that its going to be okay!

If you're looking for that person, to support you to teach you and guide you- I got you! I've been there! And you don't have to do this alone :)

"Finding out about my soul purpose has been one of the most incredible things to me. . I was actually speechless during the session(s) as some things we just cannot communicate in words, the feeling was deeeeep."

Amira, 36, London

Certifications and Experience

  • Spiritual Life/Dharma Coach, Dharma Coaching Institutue ( Accredited by ICF) 2022

  • Reiki Level 1 - Usui Method, November 2021

  • Sound Healing Level 1,  2, 3 - Awakening Prema May 2021

  • Yoga Teacher, 200 RYT- Yoga Alliance Dubai 2020

  • Yin Yoga, 50 RYT- Yoga Allliance- Dubai 2020

  • Soul Purpose Coach - Dubai, 2022- Current

  • Private and Group Sound Healer- Dubai, 2021- Current 

  • Private and Group Yoga Teacher - Dubai, 2020 - Current

  • Motivational Speaker - Dubai 2019- Current

  • Corporate Trainer and Account Manager 2017- 2022

  • Classroom Teacher 2012- 2017

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