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But I'm so glad I did it!

What was the thing that made me feel like a cheater....

I got a life hack! A Cheat code! I invested in myself and worked with a Mentor

What does feeling like a cheater have to do with me investing in myself???

Let's roll it back to 2020, when I was a newbie Yoga Teacher…

I had just finished my 200 Yoga Teacher Training Course (Yay me!) and was ready to start teaching- and was like oh sh*t- how do I get classes/students?

Check me out - newbie Yoga Teacher below happy as a clam :)

I knew all the Yoga things, I didn't know anything about how to get students/clients and run a business so I could actually do what I wanted to do- teach yoga!

Then came along Sarah White, one of my favorite Yoga Teachers (still today) I remember chatting with her about how I admired her teaching and loved her classes and wanted to start doing it myself - and she offered her help!

And no it wasn't free, and I didn't expect it to be, I mean she's a professional!

But I had already spent $3,500 USD on my Yoga teacher training course was I really ready to invest more money becoming a Yoga Teacher? I took a big gulp and yup I did it- I invested in myself again!

taking the leap and investing in a mentor was one of....

…one of the best things I ever did!

Working with a 1:1 mentor skyrocketed my professional and personal growth to another level!

I learned so many tips and tricks, time saving tools and practices, got personalized feedback/support from an expert, and even got connected to Yoga Studios who wanted me to teach classes! ME!

In just than less 3 months I was teaching classes at Yoga Studios, a dream that felt light years away was happenning!

I got all the hacks, bypassed a lot of nonsense and unnecessary frustration and felt like I got the “cheat codes” to not just being a yoga teacher but to life!

Things were flowin! I was flying!!!

Seriously just 3 months after graduating it was all coming together! That's when I was kind of like - whoa! Did I just cheat or something? I was getting 1:1 clients and teaching studio classes left and right.

No I didn't cheat, I invested in myself and someone I trusted and skipped the lines, bypassed stupid mistakes, got all the Expert Yoga teacher secrets and grew exponentially because of that.

I didn't cheat, I got a big shortcut! A big hack! A fast track to my GOALS!

Sure taking the first step and investing in myself was scary ( because I'd never done it before) but the value/growth I got from it was SO WORTH IT!!! Like 10x the initial investment.

That's why I continue to invest in myself working with coaches and different programs to both personally or for my business.

So if you're like me and you're tired of struggling or want to live a more balanced, joyful life, tools/practice and knowledge to more balanced life without burnout - let's chat!

What happens when you work with me

I'll teach you the tools and the practices to overcome burnout, help you shift your mindset so you don't slip back into bad habits and tell you all the Expert Secrets I've learned over the years helping over 100+ overcome anxiety and stress and find their soul purpose.

I'm looking for those ambitious souls who are ready to grow, who want better for themselves, to struggle less, get the best tools and practices to overcome burnout and live their soul purpose!

yes, it might feel so easy that it might feel like cheating (but it's not!)

Its you taking the leap, believing and investing in yourself.

Take it from me, you'll be so glad you did!

Curious to know how you can work with me? Just Hit that "BOOK a CALL" and I'm ready for all your questions :)

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