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no man's land

Are you living in No Man's Land or Are you Living your Soul Purpose?

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No Man's Land : A Place your Dreams go to Die

This Quote has been stuck in my head all week…

I've been on an Audio Book Binge and the other day I heard this quote from Tony Robbins and I couldn't get it out of my head. He said. "There are many people who live in what I call 'No-man's Land,' a place where you're not really happy, but you're not unhappy enough to do anything about it," “That's a dangerous place. It's a place where people numb themselves to their dreams.” That hit, and I realized for a long time that was me and my clients, living day to day. Going to work, checking the boxes, going through the motions- knowing that they wanted to change or have more - but not doing anything about Most of us live entire lives like this, on auto-pilot, sleepwalking, counting down days till the weekend or holidays.

You wake up knowing something is wrong, knowing you want something more but promise yourself you'll do something about it later.

Later never comes, you keep pushing back that thought, telling that little voice to shut up and slowly it starts to fade away and you blink your eyes and 10 years have passed.

You've just spent the last 10 years in No Man's Land.