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A $1000 Lesson...

A Lesson with a BIG price tag but even more powerful meaning.

By Kai Simmonds

I don't like to use the word “mistakes” because in every mistake I've been able to find a little nugget of wisdom or a little lesson for the future, so I like to call my “mistakes” lessons.

But this past week…


Grab the popcorn its going to get a little spicy.

MY Current Mood:

As I've shared before, I am a huge fan of investing in myself personally and professional and I have worked with some amazing Coaches/Mentors…

but I started to get a little too relaxed.

My Oopsie

In the past all my mentors/coaches and programs have resulted in incredible results and huge shifts — but not this time.

I recently joined a coaching program from someone I started following on IG just a few months ago, her content was FIRE, I resonated a lot with her posts we even chatted on DM

She launched a program last month and her marketing really spoke to me and I signed up!

I skipped all my usual norms for investing in a coach. Usually I scope out or stalk someone on Social Media for months! Sometimes Years! Then I either join one of their Webinars or Mini Programs to get a little taste of what they're like behind the screen.

I always book a call with them- this time I did none of that.

I jumped right in.

Two Weeks in

And her program was like…

I knew it wasn't right for me.

I wrote to her, professionally and kindly explaining that this wasn't the right fit for me and I wanted to leave. I wasn't asking for a refund just to exit.

She said NO, and explained that I made a 6 month commitment and needed to finish it out.

In that moment it hit me, NOT everyone runs a business from their SOUL or HEART.

Yes I get a business is a business. And there's nothing wrong with it- but its just not how I do things.

When I launched my business, I made a promise to myself that for my business my SOUL and my HEART take the front seat, and I would/will never force a client to continue working with me if they felt like it wasn't right for them.

Some of you might disagree with me and that's fine — but this isn't a gym membership, this is a soul journey and if something feels off or not right, you listen, you speak up, and you do what feels right for you.

The Lessons

Long story short, I had to pay her to exit her program and settled at $1000, it's not ideal but I'm glad I'm out. Spending another minute or dollar in a program not aligned to me costs way more than that.

From this I have learned a few lessons:

  1. When thinking about working with a Coach/Program or making a big investment- Check them our thoroughly!

Make sure they are aligned to your core values and beliefs

Scope them out, Check their credentials/certifications, Join their Webinars, Try one of their “Mini Courses” first, Ask around, Book a Call - get a taste of who they are behind the screen ( cause sometimes its just really good marketing and they're not the person they appear to be )

2. If something feels off, listen to your intuition, trust yourself. I'm glad I spoke up - even if I didn't work out in the “best case scenario.” In the past, I would have kept quiet and gotten frustrated and resent myself. Now I'm so proud of myself for speaking up and taking action and removing something from my life that wasn't aligned to me.

3. Lastly, I promise you, if you ever decide to work with me, and some way along the journey you decide I'm not the Coach for you, I will 100% honor and respect your decision and never hold you against your will. I will always trust that you know what's best for you.

I'm Doing This for the Business, I'm doing this For You.

Wishing you Lots of Aloha,


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