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5 Reasons you are not living your dharma (Soul Purpose)

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

By Kai Simmonds

Recently, I rewatched a MasterClass from my Master Coach- Sahara Rose, and she shared some of the top reasons most people are not living their Dharma ( Soul Purpose).

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Once you've Discovered your Dharma ( Soul Purpose) several people still don't step into embodying their Soul Purpose or living a life aligned to it, and here are few reasons why

I am here to support YOU with it all!


1) Fear of not being good enough

This was probably the hardest one for me. As a recovering perfectionist/over-thinker, this was a limiting belief that took a lot of time to release. The first part is getting to the root of this belief then working through it in 1:1 Coaching sessions as well as Energetically releasing them through Sound Healing, Breath-work and Movement- which are all of the ways I support my clients.

2) Time management

There are only 24 hours in a day and 7 days a week, so I understand that time can feel like a limit. But what if you had a blueprint of who you are and how to do things more efficiently in ways that work best for you?

That's one of the things I uncover with my clients through Human Design and once we learn who we are and how we best do things- time is controlled by us.

3) afraid of what others think ( Family & society)

This one is something I hear often.I also felt very rejected by my family for choosing a different path for myself. One of the ways we work through this is by creating a support system and also allowing ourself space to unlearn the negative patterns and self- talk and replace it with Self Love Practices.

The first step towards being able to stand up to others is knowing who you are and loving yourself.

4)lack of courage

Once you have moved through the limiting beliefs and learned who you are you start to realize you are incredible! Once we go through the Dharma Blueprint you'll learn your skills and gifts or what I like to call your superpowers and girl- there is no lack of courage when you realize you are a SUPER Woman!

5) overwhelm & confusion

Now this is where it actually gets fun! Once we've unlocked your soul purpose and unleashed your superpower we take steps towards embodying your Soul Purpose and take aligned action.

At first, I didn't know what it meant so I let myself Play and Explore and oh my god- it was amazing and inspiring. Together I work with you to help you take aligned action but also inviting JOY and PLAY into your life!

Here's the BEST part- none of this sh*t is TRUE! All these excuses- They are just stories we tell ourselves, mostly because this is what was told to us.

But now YOU have a NEW Story and you have SUPPORT - you got ME :)

I am so ready to help you Find your Soul Purpose, Drop me a Message and I'll send you a FREE Soul Purpose Workbook to get Started!

Wishing you lots of Aloha


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