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a life with purpose

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

By Kai Simmonds

What is the meaning of life? It's to find your Dharma (Soul Purpose) and discover who you are and your soul mission.

For most of us, when we are young we are told to go to school, study hard, get a good job, get married, have kids and that's a successful life. Some of us are told to find a job you love or a job that gives you purpose- but I that's also bullsh*t.

Because YOU ARE MORE than your JOB! You are more than a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister- you are a SOUL and you have a PURPOSE beyond your job, your titles. That is what living the DREAM life is about- living a life with purpose.Purpose is what everyone is searching for - and your Soul Purpose is who you are meant to be.

dharma is more than your job

“Dharma is the link between the Outer and Inner World”- Deepak Chopra

Many people use their career as a means to identify who they are and how successful they are. They struggle when they start to realize that there's more to life than working and making money. Some of us may need a new career path one more in alignment with who we are, but some of us may just need to find their Soul Purpose and even finding this outside their job actually makes them better and happier both at work and outside work.

You see we are not just our jobs, our titles or our EGO- all these things are part of us. We are so much more- we are SOUL beings, we have special gifts and skills which I like to call SUPERPOWERs, we have healing medicine the world needs.

When we start to open our eyes to the bigger picture we may realize our jobs is just one piece of the puzzle but we- we are MULTI-dimensional beings. Once we link our inner world ( Soul) to the outer worlds (Mind and Body) we unlock our Dharma ( Soul Purpose).

dharma ( soul purpose) is living your dream life

It feels like everytime I open Instagram someone is trying to sell my "My Dream Life." Traveling all over the world, tropical places, nature, parties- thanks but no thanks!

My dream life is different, my dream life is something that Instagram can't sell me, it's something I created not an idea someone sold me - because I am living MY Dharma.

I spent the first 18 years of my life growing up in Hawaii and the next 10 years traveling all over the world- today my dream life is stability. It's a home, it's setting down roots, it's building a Self Love Empire and creating a Community of Empowered Women- and it's happening!

Before you start fantisizing about living your dream life, make sure its YOURS - not someone else's. Don't fall back into the trap of listening to other people try to tell you what good for you, only you know.

When you step into your soul purpose everyday you wake up inspired, motivated and just so damn happy and joyful because living your Dharma is living YOUR dream life.

how to start your soul purpose journey

“Human Beings cannot tolerate a meaningless life, which deadens the body and soul.” - Deepak Chopra
1. Make a Shift

Start to take time to connect to your inner world ( your soul). Explore your passions, question your beliefs, journal reflect and start to understand who you are and connect to yourself.

2. Follow your Joy

The things that excite you, those are the breadcrumbs to your Dharma (Soul Purpose). Maybe you used to paint as a kid, time buy some paint brushes, maybe you used to dance- book yourself a dance class. It's often the things we used to enjoy doing as a kid that we stopped because we got too busy or it didn't seem important anymore- well now it is! Start small and let it snowball >>> Start here with your Dharma Archetype Quiz

3. make space

In order to make space for all of these new things to come into our life we need to make some space by clearing out things that no longer serve us. Taking time to understand habits, beliefs and maybe even people who are not in alignment with who we want to be and either releasing it all together or setting limits/boundaries on these things.

4. Embrace Creativity

Creativity is like a fire, once you spark it- it ignites a whole new world for you. Creativity is not just for artists and musicians, creativity is for all of us. The next time you are doing something maybe take a second to try doing it a different way. Allowing yourself to get curious, explore and play are all ways to connect to creativity.

5. Take Aligned Action

Now that you have taken the first few steps, take action. Start to prioritize your passions, being creative, work with a coach, clear out space and the more you do this- the universe will send you some signs. Look for those invitations.

You can start NOW, read Discover your Dharma Book or drop me an email and I'll send you a FREE Soul Purpose Workbook to get started.

looking for support?

While these things are all steps and practices you can start and do on your own- there's always someone there who can support you through all this when things get hard or confusing, or you just need someone to tell you its going to be okay.

Well let me tell you something its not going to be okay- its going to be INCREDIBLE! And I'm here for you whenever you need :)

Wishing you lots of Aloha,


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