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From Burned Out to Balanced

A 12 week Coaching Program

From Burned Out to Balanced is a 12 week  coaching program that will help you BEAT burnout once and for all by getting to the roots of your burnout, finding your soul purpose and creating impactful but practical habits to help you live a balanced and joyful life aligned to your soul purpose.

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This is for you if:

  • You find yourself in a constant burnout cycle and struggling with anxiety and stress

  • You feel lost or confused in your life and not sure what to do

  • You are an ambitious person with BIG goals and want to achieve them without burning out

  • You struggle with perfectionism, people pleasing and have trouble setting boundaries

  • You are sick and tired of feeling drained and unsatisfied and are looking for joy and purpose in your life

  • You are feeling hopeless or stuck after trying several different things and not seeing results

  • You are READY for a CHANGE and to ELEVATE your life

burnout happens when you forget you are a human
a mind,body, &

Join Now and Receive

12 Weeks of support and guidance

  • 6x Bi- Weekly 1:1 Coaching Calls

  • Customised Journaling Prompts, Meditations, Worksheets to help you stay on track and understand the root of your burnout

  • Ongoing Support via Email and Whatsapp

  • FREE Access to all Masterclasses and Webinars during Coaching program

  •  BONUS: Exclusive invites, discounts and special offers for Kai's other offerings ( Human Design Reading, 1:1 Sound Healing, Group Workshops)

Live a Balanced Life aligned to your Soul Purpose

You no longer have to feel stuck in the in-between, lost in a cycle of confusion, anxiety and burnout. In this program, you can gain clarity  about why you feel anxious and burned out and say goodbye once and for all!

program framework

Together we dive into the details of first understanding and getting to the root of your burnout and understanding your  alignment with your soul purpose we'll unveil four key areas of growth. Together  we apply intentional practices to each of these parts, you will create a life of  balance and great purpose.

  • Understanding Burnout: We’ll look at your current situation to understand what burn out is and how we can bring you back into balance as we start with our 360 ( Body, Mind, Soul) Burnout Analysis 

  • Become Aware: Together we learn more about our body Nervous system and how to regulate it through simple practices we uncover limiting beliefs and get to the root of your burnout as we shift our mindset and learn how to create mindfulness practices that work for you!

  •  Enhance your Energy: As we work through mindset shifts we learn more about our different energy types and how to work with your unique energies through Ayurveda and Human Design. 

  • Find and Align to your Soul Purpose: You are you for a reason, and you belong. This isn’t about changing you–it’s about embracing each layer of your being so you can live with more truth and joy. what truly matters to you and initiate a plan of action to move in the right direction.

What to Expect after this 12 week program

  • The motivation and mindset to overcome any challenge ahead.

  • A tool kit of ways to regulate your nervous system

  • Confidence and certainty as you move forward through your life.

  • A visceral set of skills allowing you to be more balanced in life

  • A deeper knowing of who you are and confidence to your intuition for guidance

  • Tools and Practices to help you continue your Self Love and Soul Purpose Journey

  • Knowing your unique skills and gifts aligned to your Soul Purpose

  • Saying Goodbye to Burnout!!!

previous clients

Lilia, Coach/Entrepreneur, Germany

I felt (and obviously still do feel) welcomed, seen and understood since the very beginning and her energy felt so supportive. She facilitated one of the greatest transformations within me and I am and will always be grateful to her for that. I came to her wanting to find my voice and gain confidence, focus in on my Soul Purpose and now, 3 and a little months later all of those, which felt unattainable and far fetched at the time, I feel I have been able to achieve.

Leesa P, Entrepreneur, Canada

“Kai made me feel comfortable and provided a safe space for vulnerability.  She helped provide clarity and focus in times of confusion and was able to provide the direction needed in order to stay on track to move forward. She is a warm, grounded, intelligent Coach who can help guide you to creating whatever it is you want to achieve!  Thank you, Kai, it was such a pleasure to work with you - you have made a huge impact on my life"

Barbara, Business Owner, Netherlands

​"I really enjoyed my session with Kai and I left with that feeling of “I want more!”. I highly recommend! She helped me see my strengths better and therefore gain more confidence in what I can offer. Also, she shared practical business advice where I needed clarity. Thanks Kai for an amazing session!"

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