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SOUL purpose 

Your Soul Knows the Answers, your mind is seeking!

ready to elevate your life!

Is this you?

Stressed, anxious and burnt out and want to be BALANCED and JOYFUL 

  • Unsatisfied with life and want to feel FULFILLED and MOTIVATED

  • Feeling Stuck and Confused and want to KNOW WHO you ARE and feel CONFIDENT

  • Stuck Unhealthy patterns and want to be RADIANT and ALIVE

  • Struggling with Perfectionism and People Pleasing and want to know your UNIQUE GIFTS and SKILLS

 I get it! I used to struggle with all these things until I found my SOUL PURPOSE!


I'm Kai

I'm a Certified Soul Purpose and Corporate Wellbeing Coach & Speaker who elevates ambitious souls to overcome anxiety, stress and burnout and live a life full of balance by living their soul purpose.

I don't just coach, I teach, and I ELEVATE YOU to create a life that YOU love and fulfils your mind, body and soul!




"You are not just a mind and a body, you are a soul being."


MY soul-utions

 Step into your SOUL Purpose a life full of love, joy,  abundance and MAGIC!

I am a Certified SOUL Purpose Coach ( accredited by ICF standards) , a Certified Sound Healer, Yoga Teacher,  Reiki Practitioner and former teacher and Consultant. I combine my knowledge from various schools of wellness and spirituality to help you connect to your intuition and find your soul's purpose.

Over the past 3 years I have supported over 100+ clients overcome anxiety, stress and burnout and restore balance in your life by finding your soul purpose.


It's time to elevate your life and find your souls purpose and shine- we need YOU!

Learn more about THE SOUL METHOD.

As life long learner and teacher,  I am continuously  deepening my knowledge. I have explored several topics in Spirituality such as Energy Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism, Shadow Work, and Human Design. I combine my knowledge from these various fields to help your wellbeing and create your own soul journey.


I believe in the importance of building a self love practice. Alongside my Co- Host we have created a safe space- the Self Love Tribe, to help women connect and empower each other through support and community .


Life is not all black and white. You can be a BOSS at work but come home and be a nurturing caretaker. You can like rap music and also be spiritual.  Heck you can be healthy and have a glass of wine every now and then!

Life is all about Balance and once you restore that balance you fill find joy, love and peace in all areas of life.



Connect with Kai

If you're on a self love or soul purpose  journey or looking to restore some balance in your life. and looking for some answers or support get in touch. ..

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What Clients Say

"Kai made me feel comfortable and provided a safe space for vulnerability.  She helped provide clarity and focus in times of confusion and was able to provide the direction needed in order to stay on track to move forward. She is a warm, grounded, intelligent Coach who can help guide you to creating whatever it is you want to achieve!  Thank you, Kai, it was such a pleasure to work with you - you have made a huge impact on my life."- Leesa, Entrepreneur, Vancouver, Canada

How we can work together

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