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What it feels like to find your dharma (soul purpose)

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

By Kai Simmonds, Soul Purpose and Corporate Wellbeing Coach

The Unraveling & awakening

Earlier today, I was working with one of my client's helping her find her dharma, we had an insightful session as we worked through her interests, her ideas and connecting it to her dharma, but you see before becoming a coach, I was my first client- I first had to discover my dharma, my soul purpose.

It was an unraveling and an awakening. I had no idea what it would be like but it was powerful, difficult and liberating. Through this experience I realized that parts of my personality and who I am were not true. They were untrue stories, limiting beliefs, fears that I thought were who I was, and having to face them and de-program these beliefs. I had worked so hard to become this person I was proud of (or so I thought) and completely break her down and rebuild.

de-conditioning and releasing

I had always thought that I was a hard worker, an ambitious woman and that in order to achieve and succeed I needed to be strong. I thought I was an over-thinker, a worrier, an anxious person who couldn't focus.

I needed to be so strong that I couldn't ask for help, take a break, or make a mistake - and this is an impossible standard to hold yourself to.

I remember, at one point mid-way through my coaching program I hated it, I wanted to reject it all, I didn't want to continue I thought it was all so stupid and I wanted to quit. The load was too much, trying to find my dharma, building a business, working a full time job, trying to be a good girlfriend/friend - and so I stopped. I stopped it all, and I thought it would collapse, but it didn't.

The moment I let go, the moment I released the pressure, the moment I surrendered everything I was trying to fight for just came.

I got my first client, I got engaged, I launched an in-person events that sold out, and I found my dharma, my soul purpose.

luna moth shark

I remember when it happened it was all too much, and so I told myself to stop and receive help. I reached out to another Dharma Coach and in her sessions she connected me to myself and it was there that I met me, my soul, the luna moth shark.

The Luna Moth, is a beautiful creature which cocoons for 9 months only to awaken for 10 days living under the light for the moon for survival until it's life ends. The life of a luna moth is short, and a reminder to me that our life is a gift and to appreciate each moment. The Luna Moth also represents transformation as it emerges into one of the most beautiful creatures. She symbolizes my intuition, my sacred feminine, the lightness of being and life and reminds me to carry this into everything I do.

The Shark, growing up in Hawaii yes we see sharks, or rather sharks see us. Yet for me, they weren't a symbol of fear or terror but rather a powerful creature, a protector who's misunderstood. You see when you actually look at the statistics the numbers, you'll discover that you are more likely to be killed by a coconut falling on your head or from lightning than a shark.

However, shark attacks are exaggerated by the media - because they make a good villain story. But sharks are shy, they are misunderstood they are not here to kill/hurt people most of the time their prey is the already dead/dying- they keep the oceans clean. I resonate a lot with sharks because I am tall and have a lot of tattoos and when people see me in person I may be intimating but I am not here to harm anyone. In fact, I am here to help just like sharks - and we're both misunderstood. Like a shark I know I have a lot of strength and power ( from sacral chakra) and I use it to help others.

living my soul purpose

So here I am today, living my soul purpose, embodying the Luna Moth Shark with everything I do. I move through flow not force, I allow myself to slow down and receive.

I do not know the next chapter, but now I know the author- she's a luna moth shark! I see the big mountain ahead but I look at it with fear and excitement knowing that it will be tough but I have everything I need to climb it.

I am here to help all the others unravel, deprogram, and find their soul purpose, and if this is something you'd like to do - just drop me a message " Soul Purpose" and we can have a chat :)

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