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My Burnout story

Peeling back the layers of my #burnout and struggle with #anxiety and #selflove

By Kai Simmonds

These days there is so much peace and joy in my life. For the first time in my life I am achieving so much with out being burned out - but things weren't always this way.

Two besties: anxiety and depression

I've spent most of my life being depressed or anxious. When I was a teenager, I was diagnosed with depression after hurting myself. I was lucky enough to have parents who took me to therapy early on and got through it in a few years.

But Anxiety is tricky, you see 20 years ago Mental Health wasn't something that wasn't understood. Although, I went to therapy I hid it for a long time and was embarrassed by it even though it helped me so much!

So I kind of just threw my anxiety under the rug for a bit because at least I wasn't depressed and hurting myself anymore!

Just because you hide something or shove down into a deep dark hole thinking you'll look the door and never open it- that's not how it works.

My roaring 20s