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3 ways finding my soul purpose improved my physical health

By Kai Simmonds

Full Disclaimer, I am not a Doctor or Health Coach but these are all TRUE experiences and I've had several clients also notice similar effects #wellness #holistichealing #holistichealth #lifecoaching #healthylife

holistic health and healing

The root of Holistic Health or Healing is the teaching that our Mind, Body and Soul are all connected. When one part of our being is misaligned or out of balance it affects the rest of our being.

So while I'm not a Doctor or Health Specialist I 100% believe in Holistic Healing and these experiences have cured what no Western Medicine could.

Growing up, I've always been pretty healthy but there were a FEW things that got worse - as an adult.

..But FINDING my Soul Purpose healed all them!


Growing up I had the biggest struggle with Anxiety, at the time I was young and didn't know what anxiety was. But I constantly was overthinking, worrying, and stressed. In class, I was always too afraid to raise my hand to answer the questions- for fear of getting it wrong and looking stupid. I was never really considered smart because I always got test anxiety and never did well on tests even though I understood and knew the material.

And as I got older, it got worse!

Here's another thing, I had horrible stomach pains from irregular bowel movements my whole life as a child. Sometimes, it would be days until I went number 2, and I had poor digestion and very bad acne.

Why am I telling you this? Because anxiety and stress are all related to the Gut (brain and gut connection) via the Vagus Nerve (read more here).

So if you're anxious, stressed or burnt out you're probably having gut issues- poor digestion, low energy, acne, bloating, irregular movements >>> yeah that was me!

As an adult both issues got worse, I couldn't eat pasta or pizza without getting horrible cramps, and my fiancee is Italian so this made our dinner options limited. But mostly I always felt tired, bloated or just uncomfortable.

I started to learn more about why I was so anxious all the time.

The reason I was so stressed out and anxious is because I was trying to be perfect and please others instead of listening to MY gut -I was going against it. Once I started living life in a way that was aligned to ME the anxiety and stress went away and so did the gut issues!

Today, I eat ALL the pasta and pizza I want, and have 0 GUT issues and my anxiety- its a little whisper that comes in and out every now and then just laugh at it and tell it to go away- and it does.


I was a very heavy partier in my 20s, and when I went out I had to get "WASTED." I was the "shot'" girl, I wasn't drinking casually I was drinking to get drunk.

You see, when I was drunk, I was carefree, my anxiety disappeared and I didn't care what others thought about me. I let myself be wild, silly and carefree because if I did anything stupid or weird I could always blame it on the alcohol. I loved this sense of freedom I had without a care in the world- in comparison to always being stressed and full of worry and doubt.

I mostly was afraid for others to see this version of me and to be rejected or made fun of. This was back in my people pleasing and perfectionism days.

But since finding my soul purpose, I found out WHO I AM, those weird, silly things are actually part of my SOUL purpose and make me ME.

NOW I know who I am and the people that SEE me and LOVE me for who I really am makes up for all those who don't

I'm not afraid to be my silly, weird, carefree self WITHOUT alcohol- I still have a glass of Prosecco every now and then but I don't NEED alcohol to have FUN and be WEIRD - I'm just AM!!!


Growing up I was told, period cramps are normal, they're not! If you are having period cramps please know that's not "normal." Just because it's common it's not normal or healthy!

I used to have the type of period cramps where I had to take 3-4 volfast ( a super strong pain reliever) a day and the cramps would last 3 days and I HATED my period. I even took birth control so I could SKIP my period (oh my god- this is so bad for your body).

Whether or not you are trying to get pregnant, it's important to understand your cycle and your hormones because as women our cycle regulates our hormone, and our hormones affect everything about us from our energy levels, to our moods, and our gut health!

So messing with your cycle/hormones is messing with your body- and if you're having period cramps - your body is trying to tell you something is wrong, so please listen

Part of finding my SOUL Purpose I learned more about Masculine and Feminine Energy, Embodiment, and the Power of our Cycles ( which I incorporate into my coaching)

I learned about the power & sacredness of my womb, and opening my eyes to healing my womb and doing regular womb work - my period CRAMPS are completely gone. These days, I actually LOVE my period- knowing that I have a regular monthly bleed means I'm healthy and my energy levels and moods are great!

you are not just a body, you are a soul being

All along this journey, connecting to my Soul and listening to it had positive side effects on my body. Now again, I am not a doctor or Health Specialist but I can 100% tell you that listening to your SOUL is 100% healthy for your mind and body.

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