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the soul lab

Created by Jimena and Kai, two Soul Purpose Coaches who met while they were on their Soul Journey. Finding their soul's purpose has led them to live a life of magic, meaning, and abundance- and they can't wait to share the magic with you! 


Together they have created a series of Workshops to help those understand their soul purpose. The workshops take place in Dubai, get on the waitlist to get all the details!

about the soul lab

The Soul Lab is a series of workshops and 1:1 Coaching that will introduce you to Spirituality, Energy Work and Healing, Human Design, and how to find your soul's purpose.

The topics include Dharma, Human Design, Chakras, Doshas and how to manage your energy to  manifest your dreams and find your soul's purpose. Both Jimena and Kai are Certified Soul Purpose Coaches and were trained by Sahara Rose.


  • You are stressed and burnt out from a life unaligned to your purpose

  • You want more Magic and Joy in you're life

  • You're Looking for a Deeper Meaning or a Sense of Purpose

  • You've recently had an Awakening & are looking for answers

  • You want to know more about Spirituality and connect with others

READY To Discover your Soul's Purpose?

Heres what you'll GAIN

  • A Deeper Understanding of who you are and your unique skills and gifts

  • A Deeper knowing of who you are 

  • How to manage your energy to manifest your dreams 

  • Applicable ways to restore balance in your life

  • A Support System to help you on your Journey







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